Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2023 (Top 5 Companies Compared)

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2023 (Top 5 Companies Compared)

Are you looking to build your own website and confuse as to which hosting provider you should go with with all of the available options nowadays and all the technical lingo it can be a real pain to know which is the best option for you whatever the case may be the goal of this article is not only to list out my personal recommendations for hosting companies out there but it’s also to teach you how to choose the best hosting plan for you now i do have a few options on my list that i’m going to go over and explain which i prefer and for those specific reasons but for those of you who are impatient at the end of the day my strong recommendation would be hosting her for anyone who’s looking to build a simple small to medium-sized website with good speeds respectable bandwidth and the most affordable price and i do mean the most affordable price.

i chose this hosting provider as well as learn a lot more about how to choose your own hosting plan and not just take my word for it Overview before i start comparing plans i wanted to talk a little bit about some background information about web hosting so you’re up to date and able to decide for yourself which plan is right for you i want to talk about the different types of hosting plans that you can sign up for as well as the features to pay attention to when you’re shopping around for which plan now if you want to skip over all of this information and just go straight to the hosting comparisons go ahead and click on the timestamp that’s going to be over here or maybe it’s over there it could just be right here i don’t remember where i’m going to put it

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2023

when you’re looking at web hosting it’s important to understand the features that you’re getting for the price that you’re paying i’m going to be going over the basics of how to at least understand what the web hosting company is saying when they’re telling you everything that they’re offering am i making sense here basically by the end of this portion of the article i want you to be able to look at a pricing table like the one that you’re seeing now and be able to understand all the gibberish that’s down below now here’s the deal it’s time to be real with you again i mean i haven’t stopped being real with you but you guys understand what i mean there’s no way that i could go down this list and give you a full web developer course in just 5 or 10 minutes being able to tell you how each and every one of these features work would take hours to explain and people literally go to school to earn degrees about all of this but don’t worry your friendly neighborhood levi is here to save the day i’m going to briefly go over the most important ones that are pertinent to someone looking to purchase a hosting plan like yourself so let’s take a look the first one is websites which is pretty self-explanatory with different plans you’re going to have a different number of websites under one account this can be nice if you plan on having multiple websites that you manage ssd storage just means solid-state drive storage as opposed to hdd which is kind of a thing of the past now but basically means hard drive storage a hard drive is a physical disk that you actually write data onto where ssds don’t even have a disk they’re faster more efficient powerful and just better in every way than an hdd now today pretty much every hosting provider out there offers ssd storage so you don’t really have to worry about it now bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can go through your hosting account basically think of it like it’s a water pipe a larger pipe allows more water to flow through and a smaller pipe allows less water to flow through the amount of bandwidth you have determines how quickly your website can deliver content to your visitors during peak traffic times if you’re building a website that you plan on making really popular and running a lot of traffic with paid ads you might want to consider bandwidth but if you’re just creating a simple business website for people to get in contact with you then this might not be a big deal for you free domain registration is always a huge plus because this is basically just giving you a discount on something that you already have to purchase no matter what when you build a website you need to get a domain name which is like getting your own phone number and then you also have to get web hosting which is like signing up for a phone bill so you can actually call people with the phone you just got so free domain registration is just giving you 12 months free on your custom domain name a free ssl certificate is also a huge plus most hosting companies will provide you with an ssl certificate and some companies will actually offer you them for free no matter what you have to have an ssl certificate nowadays this is the encryption and security for your website and it also provides the little lock symbol up here in the top left corner when you go to a website if you don’t have an ssl certificate then it will show not secure and that would make anyone want to leave your website i recommend going with a hosting company that gives it to you for free now daily backups means that they’re going to be saving a backup of your website every single day so if your website crashes or gets deleted by accident or something like that they have a copy of it so they can put it right back up for you this is a huge lifesaver and i always recommend trying to get this done or by doing it yourself the uptime guarantee is pretty important as well it’s widely accepted that you should look for an uptime that is at least 99.5% or higher this means that your website is up and available for people to visit 99.5% of the time obviously 24*7 technical support is a big deal because there’s always going to be things that go wrong with your website sometimes you’ll forget your password or there’s a bug that you need worked out it could be anything but having technical support is really helpful the rest of these get pretty technical so i’m going to skip over them but this should give you a pretty good understanding of what to look for when you’re looking at your first hosting account and what you should expect the last thing that i want to cover is the duration or term of hosting most hosting companies have different pricing based on the amount of time that you pay for your hosting up front this can be handy if you only plan on experimenting and you want a shorter term to just try things out but honestly i always recommend choosing the 12 month plan or higher you not only save more money and get a bigger discount this way but you also guarantee that your site stays live through the duration of your domain name’s life generally when you get a custom domain name for your website you’re going to be paying for 12 months at a time so it usually makes sense to get your hosting plan that matches the domain term as well there’s nothing worse than having your domain name still active but your hosting is expired and your website visitors are greeted with a beautiful page that says this page cannot be found 404 error there’s three important metrics to pay attention to when you’re trying to choose a hosting plan that i didn’t mention server response time page speed and up time these are pretty technical so i made it easy for you page speed is just referring to the time it takes for your website to load when someone opens it you want the lowest number possible uptime is the reliability of your website basically it just tells you the percentage of time that it’s actually available for people to look at it so you want this number to be as high as possible and lastly you have server response time which tells you how long it takes for your web browser to receive a response from the server that your website is stored on all of the hosting companies on my list are above the recommended standards for all three of these metrics so you don’t even need to worry about it all right enough of that it’s time to start comparing hosting companies.

Option 1: Hostinger

now as i mentioned at the beginning of the article hostinger is my personal recommendation but it’s also the first one that i wanted to talk about because hosting is actually becoming one of the top hosting providers out there in my opinion but don’t just take my word for it hosting your even got recognized by bitcatcha and pcmag as one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in the industry which is saying something it does just about everything that all the other hosting providers do simply at a more reasonable price it’s got great speeds and has double the google recommended full load time for a website which is two seconds its stability is also up to par having an uptime of 99.9% percent that basically means that your website is almost up 100% of the time which is a big deal it’s got page load speeds hovering around 1.4 seconds which is under the two-second recommendation from google it’s also perfectly integrated with wordpress so they have a one-click installation process i mean look at this you’re going through the process of checking out for your hosting plan and right before you choose your domain name you can install wordpress in the background with one simple click boom done now wordpress is downloading while i set up my domain name this is just super easy and saves a whole bunch of time now with all that tech stuff out of the way let’s talk about what you get with your hosting plan now they have their low cost plans starting at 1.99$ which aggressively competes with all of the other hosting companies but i strongly recommend their premium plan at 2.99$ per month because you can have a hundred websites under your account you get 100 gigabytes of storage unlimited bandwidth a free domain name for one year and a free ssl certificate you also get weekly backups for your website so you can rest easy and of course you also have the 24*7 support as well lastly you get up to 100 email accounts set up under your domain name so if your domain is something like then your email could be or support and hostinger is perfect for the beginner to web design with its intuitive and clean h panel you can easily find everything you need and make the adjustments to the back end of your website and if you don’t know how to do something or you get stuck on one of your settings hosting your support is always there to walk you through what you need so it’s pretty fantastic hostinger also operates in 40 different markets and you can get local language support if you’re from another part of the world overall for the price that you’re paying you’re getting a huge deal with great service this is my new favorite hosting provider and it’s the one that you’re going to see me use a lot more often on the channel for all my tutorials and future clients as well if you decide that you want to use hostinger for your hosting provider be sure to click on that first link in the description and use the coupon code create a pro website at the beginning of your checkout because you get an insane deal if you use my affiliate link which gives you 78% off

Option 2: Hostgator

hostgator is another great option to house your website and we’ve recommended it on the website for years i personally have nothing but great things to say about hostgator and the deals that they provide for their cheaper plans definitely saves you a lot of money at 264 a month you get unmetered storage and bandwidth within reason of course a free ssl certificate one year domain registration for free and unlimited free email accounts for your website now when i say within reason what i mean is in their terms of service they say to only utilize disk space and bandwidth in the normal operation of a personal or small business website so basically unmetered storage and bandwidth doesn’t mean you have unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth just keep that in mind but the free ssl certificate is obviously a necessity the free one-year domain registration is also something to look for and unlimited free email accounts is pretty nice they don’t offer site backups for your website but i’ve got article on the website that show you guys how to do this for free they also have 24*7 support which is a must in my opinion so compared to hostinger’s premium plan you’re paying for about the same per month but you’re getting a lot of stuff added on for free just something to consider

Option 3: BlueHost

bluehost is another great option and fantastic hosting provider that cost a little bit more than hostgator at 2.95$ per month you’re getting 50 gigabytes of ssd storage unmetered bandwidth which you guys all know what that means and a free ssl certificate and domain registration but the ssl certificate and domain registration is only free for the first year after that you have to pay for both the ssl and the domain so it’s a bit of a downside at least you’re getting the first year free but other hosting providers offer free ssl certificates indefinitely so that’s another cost that you’re gonna have to take into account unfortunately with bluehost you don’t get site backups either now bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies out there they did this by being one of the first companies to have an affiliate program so you had a bunch of people like me blogger and social media influencers or bloggers promoting their services this caused their popularity to grow exponentially since they were one of the first bluehost is also one of the three hosting companies officially recommended by wordpress so that’s also something to keep in mind now if you’re looking to get started with bluehost but you want to start off small and just pay for a month or something like that rather than 12 or 36 months then you’re out of luck bluehost only offers a 12 month and 36 month hosting plan unlike many of the other hosting companies where you can choose a shorter package one thing i’ve noticed is that their service has also gotten a little bit slower for websites nowadays and i think it’s just because of how big the company’s gotten keep in mind the larger a company gets many times can reflect how quick they can get back to a simple customer service request as well

Option 4: SiteGround

siteground is another great option for a hosting company for your website but they’re definitely not the cheapest they have moderate prices but nothing too overpriced for 3.99$ a month you’ll get 10 gigabytes of web space a free ssl certificate and surprisingly enough free daily backups for your website which is a huge plus in my opinion you get unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth within reason overall it’s a very solid option it’s just not the cheapest they definitely do a great job and i would argue that siteground is a quality option that you can expect incredibly fast page speeds one of the fastest actually however in order to get this ridiculous speed you have to pay a lot more

Option 5: GoDaddy

The last hosting provider that i wanted to talk to you guys about was godaddy and i want to be straight up with you i would recommend that you just stay away from this hosting provider it may be one of the most popular that you’ve heard of but let me tell you why i tell my clients to avoid it at all costs to start their customer service has never really been that great or helpful this can be very frustrating if your site goes down and you’re losing money waiting to get in contact with tech support it’s also the most expensive option on our list today you pay a whopping 5.99$ per month for your hosting plan and even after that you still end up having to pay for a bunch of additions like an ssl certificate which most other hosting companies provide for free i’ve noticed that you just always end up spending a lot more money with godaddy and you’re not really getting that much out of it it’s certainly not a bad hosting provider there’s just much better options available nowadays Final Thoughts listen guys at the end of the day my recommendation is still hosting her because it’s absolutely hands down the perfect option for someone who’s a beginner or intermediate to web design if you’re building a site for yourself or for a small business or maybe you’re trying to become a freelancer for building small websites for people you’ll definitely want to check out hostinger because they’re a fantastic company and provide quality service just across the board not only have you guys heard my recommendation for the top hosting company out there but now you guys by the end of this post should have enough knowledge to make your own decision for yourself.

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